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  1. Lone fishermen survives storm of the century;torrential rain demolished anything that has any value to anyone. Houses were victim to the storm first then the overflow of water arrived and people evacuated leaving everything behind. After the storm the feeling was of silence and lonesome; the environment was static with a lack of any noise but people were intrigued by an awful bowl of darkness with any brightness beginning to falter.

    One of the fishermen said that he adored the fishing village with the sea in sight reporting that the water was flat and gives us the idea that the village was perfect. No-one was here so I felt I was king of everything around me. The fishermen told us that he experienced the velocity of the elements and had a realization that he was minimalism in comparison to his surroundings; he told us he stayed here out of his own accord.

    • Profile photo of Tom Tom says:

      Hi Jon
      just read your response and may i just say well done :) but just a small piece of advise where you have said in the second paragraph ‘he is minimalism in comparison to his surroundings’ but what you should have said is ‘he is minimalist to his surroundings’but otherwise well done on the whole response.

  2. Profile photo of churchy22 churchy22 says:

    Jonathan, Well Done it’s really good but just one small thing. Last line in paragraph 1 “Awful bowl of darkness” although you have changed terrible to awful, “bowl of darkness” is used in the text and it was one of the phrases that stuck out to me so i knew that you had used the phrase. Why don’t you try to rephrase it in your own words? Also one last thing in paragraph 1 you have written “people were intrigued by…” its only one man on the strip of land but other than that :)

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